Question 269 of 365: Are we looking hard enough?

Question 269 of 365: Are we looking hard enough?

I have stopped telling people that things can’t be done.

I used to say it all of the time, but I haven’t for quite some time.

I used to make up time limits and proclaim things impossible without fully investigating. I used to portray things as hard than they actually were so that I wouldn’t have to attempt them. I used to explain things in complex language so that others wouldn’t see just how easy it is for me to figure things out.

Tonight, when I was asked to find a live stream of Dexter a mere two hours after the premier, I didn’t act naive. I didn’t act as though it was unfeasible for me to find. I balked at the questionable legality, but without the ability to DVR or buy it via iTunes, the choices were less than stellar.

A man in Michigan was streaming his TV out into the wide world. I was just one of the 500 or so people that were sharing his couch.

It is time to stop lying about the things we can and are doing with our technology. It is time that we stop refusing to let content flow the ways in which it wants to. I am interested in paying people for their work, but this is what is possible. In fact, this is what is easy.

I don’t tell people that I can’t anymore. I often don’t stop to question if I should, either. There is enough reason to try. There is enough reason to believe that simply by pushing the right buttons or asking the right questions, we will find the ways in which everything becomes easy. And, none of us will have to say can’t again.

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