Question 250 of 365: Can we see through our own environment?

Question 250 of 365: Can we see through our own environment?

I can see now that everything is clouded by our own vision. We don’t perceive things as they are, but as we think they are. We see our situation in terms of us, and not in terms of everything that surrounds us. It isn’t fair.

Today, I attended multiple events that referenced a difference between physical and online space. Each side seemingly could not understand the other for the simple fact that they couldn’t see it. They couldn’t perceive the community that supports them is the same one that supports others.

There had to be all of these caveats and excuses for why we were talking to one another and how things could apply more broadly. We have to passively agree that everything is different and that we can only pay lip service to our similarities. There are no real connections made, only those that we force because know it makes things go more smoothly in terms of working together or establishing a false common language.

There is nothing we hold in common so long as we can’t see with the same eyes.

It is a wonder that we can reuse anything at all. Each environment dictates mutual exclusivity. We are islands. But, do we have to do it so badly? Do we have to make it so everything we experience is so terribly awkward when held up to other people’s realities? Can’t we just listen and take the stories as they come and know that some things will never apply, but that some inevitably will?

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