Question 228 of 365: How much do we want to see something spectacular?

Question 228 of 365: How much do we want to see something spectacular?

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I get the feeling that we want the next big thing so badly that we see it in everything we do. We want the planets to align and for a vision to come down from the heavens more than anything else. We want to see what it is that will be our indelible mark on society and we want to see it now.

In every interaction we take part in, there is the glimmer of hope that it could turn into the one thing that makes us memorable. It could be the one thing that allows us to rise above the fray and scream out into the future for someone to hear what we believe.

We want to see the that our treasure is worth something in an absolute sense. That there are things we are holding in our hands that are worth a gamble. We want them to be, at least. We want the two pair that we are holding to be enough to turn around our meager fortunes.

We amass evidence that supports our theories. We train ourselves to believe that we are creating amazing artifacts and hopeful creations. But, are we?

Do we want so badly to be the shining example of all that is right in the next generation of ideas that we can’t see that some of what we are selling just isn’t good enough. Are we so confident in our approach that we can’t feel how wrong it is to want something that isn’t ever going to happen the way we envision it?

It isn’t wrong to want more than we have, but sometimes we need to be okay with the struggle and the satisfaction of learning from trial and error. Sometimes we need to create what is possible. It isn’t a defeat. It is redefining what we see as spectacular. We need to find our own identities as the spectacle. We need ourselves, with every flaw, to be the special sauce that stains every shirt it comes in contact with. The truth is so much more glamorous that all that we may wait for and want in the meantime.

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