Question 220 of 365: Who do we ask to watch our stuff?

Question 220 of 365: Who do we ask to watch our stuff?

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I don’t regret leaving my laptop, cell phone, iPad, and portable wifi hotspot on the table. I don’t regret leaving it behind in the keep of a few teenage boys. They looked after if just fine for the few minutes that I was away, and I didn’t think twice.

But, I’m not sure that I could have left those items with just anyone. I would only be judging them on heir looks and their outward personalities, but there are some folks that would not receive my benefit of the doubt. I would love to take a moment to enumerate those people that I do not trust as a general rule. I do this not to express my bias, but to dig down deep into my lack of trust for those who I perceive as having no respect for the things that I am interested in. It is callus and it is rude, but it is also a truth I have. I must be honest about my issues of trust.

Those that I would not leave in charge of my highly expensive, but replacable, things:

  • Kids dressed up for prom (they are too caught up in their own things to take much priority for my gadgets)
  • Adults with cut off sleeves (they may be cooler from a temperature standpoint, but the out of touch sense I get from this clothing makes me wonder how responsible they are.)
  • Those under the age of 6 (I really don’t want my kids looking after stranger’s things, so I feel like I should reciprocate that).
  • Groups of more than 6 (there is no shared responsibility in groups larger than six. You can always blame someone else for not doing something, i.e., watch things intently)
  • Other people with tons of gadgets splayed out (again, something will get lost in the shuffle here. No one can maintain two sets of identical stuff easily).
  • People in anything that could be considered a disguise including wearing sunglasses and hats indoors. (It’s just sketchy.)
  • So, there you have my awful preducices against those I do not know. What unnamed fears of others do you have?

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