Question 156 of 365: What is the farthest we will travel?

Question 156 of 365: What is the farthest we will travel?

I don’t believe in absolutes. I don’t believe in martyrdom. And, I
don’t believe in regretting what we have chosen.

I chose to get on an airplane with two children under 4 today. I don’t
regret any moment of my son sitting and squirming on my lap. Not even
when he screamed and screamed about me turning off the iPad to
properly stow it under the seat in front of us.

I didn’t do it out of a sense of absolute obligation for my family nor
did I do it so that people would look and me and respect what I was
trying to accomplish (mainly survival). I traveled to see my wife to
be with her as she grieves for her mother. There are limits to what I
can overcome, but I didn’t reach them today.

Love is not an absolute, but it is close.

I am not a martyr, but I do appreciate those who did not glare at my
loud children and instead helped me to get through to my destination.

I do not regret the world in which we have created together. Nor do I
regret seeing who my children are in when they look at my wife in
great distress.

My journey was not terribly interesting or eventful, but my family is
better for having come.

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