Question 93 of 365: What are our plans for data?

Question 93 of 365: What are our plans for data?

I don’t think that I will ever get over the fact that a world of information exists in the air I breathe. I am continually amazed by wifi and 3g and all of the other networks that carry our data as if there was nothing more natural in the world. And even though each device that can pick up on the signals that perpetuate our need for more and more access, we are still dealing with a clunky system of paying for that access.

America online started us down the path of paying by the hour. We were locked into managing time rather than content. We have corrected that issue only by changing the system to pay by the Gigabyte. Even when we get “unlimited” access, there is still fine print stating the contrary. We manage our bandwidth rather than our connections. We secure our networks within our homes so that within any neighborhood we are all paying for a service that we could be sharing quite easily. And now that we have iPads and smart phones, we are paying by the device as well. We have combined all of these payment schemes into one upsetting mess of minutes, bytes, and networks, and devices that don’t allow for flexibility or sharing of resources.

So, what is our plan for data in our future?

I would like to pay for my access, but I want the freedom to share it within my home with every device. I want the ability to use any network available without having to protect them from one another. I want every device I use to be both a host to other devices and a leach off of the data in the air. I want to be a walking network. I want to walk down the street with a device in my pocket that has both speed and versatility. I want to be a hotspot for others and an incredible bandwidth hog for myself.

So, here is what I will pay for:

  • A single connection to everything (wifi, 3g, wimax, etc.)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (I will not be downloading torrents much, but I think that the principle of not cutting off the very people who test the possibilities within a network is a really good idea.)
  • The ability to extend the reach and quality of the wireless networks for the companies that provide them (I’m interested in being a part of the solution here).
  • The ability to share my connection with all of my devices (not, necessarily every other person around me, though, because I believe that everyone should be able to connect in public for free, but pay for connection in private)

Anyone want to give me a quote on what that should cost?

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