Question 44 of 365: What parts of us are fragile, perpetual and renewable?

We would rather be: Skeptical, Wise, Steadfast, and Stable.
But we aren’t.
We Lack:
The vision to be stable.
The certainty to be steadfast.
The reflection to be wise.
The experience to be skeptical.
And, that isn’t all bad.
We are fragile because:
We let people in.
We wonder outloud.
We fail. A lot.
We are perpetual because:
We can’t stop what we set in motion.
Our reach knows no bounds.
We are never done creating.
We are renewable because:
We surprise ourselves with possibilities.
Each day starts without our permission.
We wade in.
We are all that we need.
Even if skepticism would serve us better.
Even if steadfast is convenient.
Even if wise is an illusion.
Even if stable never comes.
We are all that we need.

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