Boulder Denver New Technology

Boulder Denver New Technology

I finally decided to see what kind of community there was out there for startups and entrepreneurs within the local area. I guess there is something to be said for a local network as well as a twitter network (or for even having those two things having more overlap).

Some Links:

  1. Silicon Flatirons
  2. The twitter list I am creating for this event
  3. Gnip
  4. Foundary Group – A way to fund startups from entrepreneurs.
  5. Simple Geo
  6. Ever Later
  7. Let’s Swap – Beta of a way to swap products offline but organize online
  8. Next Big Sound – Interesting way to track what is going on in the musicsphere.
  9. The Blog Frog – Mommy bloggers and many other types of blogs that are being turned into communities. My question – How is this different than Friend Connect that google does? Really interesting lessons learned. “Get a board of directors for your life.”
  10. Unreasonable institute – Very interesting way to fund social entrepreneurs. Good presentation style. Trying to create a mecca for social change in Boulder. Such a cool idea for the Unreasonable village fund.
  11. Equity Compensation for the Start-Up: Letitia Pleis – Some good advice for sharing capital. If you give someone a share of your company, they will have to pay tax on that value as soon as they get that percentage. Look into Sec 83b or Phantom options: Access to future profits without actually giving them shares… However, if your company has no value, it isn’t as much of an issue.
  12. HasselBlad – 50-150 megapixel camera
  13. Buckyball Magnets – Very cool adult toy
  14. Nikon s1000pj – Picture and projector
  15. Sonos S5 – Home Theatre stuff
  16. Public Earth – “Maps filled with hidded treasures.” Connecting people to places that they love. I like the idea of putting a map on top of a wiki. Not a great sales pitch, however. People are going in and “cleaning up their communities”. Very interesting.
  17. CU New Venture Challenge –  Interesting challenge and incubator for CU people. 
  18. Real Ski – Doesn’t have a whole bunch of info online, but the video is ridiculously awesome. It is an “augmented reality” app. It doesn’t have to use 3g or any connectivity potentially. Just Wow!

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