What I would be doing tomorrow…

What I would be doing tomorrow…

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Because of my deep love of words, I have always been very excited by unique writing projects (such as NanoWriMo and Myths and Legends), but this one is by far the best thing I have seen in a very long time.

If you haven’t seen 1,000,000 Monkeys yet, please go there now and check it out. It is basically a writing space that allows you to collaboratively create a story based upon the idea that socially choosing the path for the story will end up making for a much more interesting read. The possibilities are endless for this type of writing, but I will let their FAQ explain it a little better:

This site attempts not only to harness the literary power of one million “monkeys” typing but also to generate some truly wonderful texts and social networks. It is part Exquisite Corpse, part Choose Your Own Adventure, and it works by having multiple authors work on the same stories with each adding their own segments. Each segment (or snippet) will have the opportunity for 3 offshoots — those that are ranked highly will gain offshoots of their own, and those that are ranked poorly will wither and die.

If I were in the classroom, I would be using this site for the rest of the school year to write a story that twists and turns around every writing thought my students could build upon. However, since I am not, I will need to live vicariously through someone else. If anyone else uses 1,000,000 monkeys before the year is out, let me know. I think it is just BANANAS (pun most definitely intended).

So, Any Takers?

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