Content: The not so hard part

Content: The not so hard part

For the longest time, I really thought that getting content for an elearning platform was the hardest part (or at least the most expensive). Now, though, I really think that getting quality content for an online school is getting easier and easier. Now that I have the option of using all of the moodle and SCORM resources that are available, I think we may be able to focus on the actual teaching part rather than just writing curriculum and having to settle for something that is second rate. Anyway, here is what I am looking at right now:

  1. OpenLearn – Here is a large list of entirely downloadable and importable courses for moodle that are of good quality and are built for asynchronous. They are creative commons liscensed, so let’s share alike.
  2. The Moodle Course Exchange Portal – This is a starting place to get at many courses that have been made in moodle. I feel as though this site is really in the early stages (they are going to start promoting more heavily after Moodle 2.0 comes out), but it does have some good links to quiz questions and scorm components.
  3. The Moodle Commons – This is also a site that is just getting started, but there are some high quality courses there (only about 5)
  4. Moodle Share – Again, not a whole lot going on here, yet. But a resource, nonetheless.
  5. OER Project (from New Zealand) – Really nice courses that are ready to go. Again, only a handful as of right now.

Alright, so it isn’t everything to everyone, but I think that there are a few places to go to start building a good online school. Please let me know if you know of any other repositories that put their content into moodle backup format.

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