Twitter and Google Reader for Productivity

Twitter and Google Reader for Productivity

(All quotations are not exact, but paraphrases of much better words that were in the mouths of the participants – These are notes, but I think that they might have benefit to others, so I am posting them on my blog as well)

I just wanted to use this space in order to make sure that we take note of all of our discussion surrounding how to use twitter and google reader for productivity.

“We don’t want to jump on the bandwagon with all new products. But, where does iGoogle, twitter, and blog feeds fit in our district’s overall vision.”

“Just because things are free, doesn’t mean we should be using them and promoting it.”

“Conceptually, the idea of everything coming to you is very inciting, but we need to look further at it from the Google Reader perspective and Twitter.”

“The real question is where do we spend our time? What is really of value?”

“Television news is too slow. I want to be able to know more about the things that I am interested in. I want it to be hyperlinked.”

“I don’t have enough time to consume things in a serial manner. I don’t want to know what happened yesterday before I know what happened today.”

“White papers are specific enough. I want relevancy and making sure that it is current.”

  1. Decide on your purpose for using feeds. What information would you like to be able to access that you can’t currently?
      • Topics to look at:
        • Stimulus and education
          • CDE does a good job of talking about the stimulus, but they don’t have a feed.
        • Broadband and education
        • Virtual Learning Environments
  2. Making your reading relevant: What are the topics that you would like to come to you?
    3. Google Reader Bundles
  3. How do you want information to come to you?

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