A Post on Remixing that bears repeating.

A Post on Remixing that bears repeating.

I am sitting in a session at Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation on Remixing in the classroom and I was drawn back to an activity that I did with my kids to teach them about remixing. I think that it allowed them to own the topic in a way that telling them the rules does not. Does this activity still work?


   Write-on: Create the following diagram on a piece of paper (or computer if your prefer… Notebook or Word would probably be quickest) to show your

      opinions of what should and should not be allowed of the following

      remixing or mashup situations:

Isn’t Illegal Is Illegal

Should be Illegal

Shouldn’t be Illegal

   1. Creating a collage using a famous piece of art and some of your own drawings.

   2. Hacking someone’s computer game and making it better then selling it.

   3. Taking someone’s direct quote from a book without citing it.

   4. Taking someone’s ideas from a book and listing them as one of your biggest influences in the bio.

   5. Using two pieces of different music to make a new one.

   6. Creating a replica of a building in Google Sketch-up.

   7. Creating a parody of the latest blockbuster film and putting it up on YouTube.

   8. Typing out a chapter of someone’s book and putting links to pictures of all of the places it mentions.

   9. Taking the beat or melody of a famous song and looping it to create

      something new to sing or rap over, without asking for permission to use

      the sample.

  10. Using a well known movie clip, and dubbing you and your friends

      making up funny, rude comments over top of it so that it looks like

      they are saying what you want them to.

Discuss each situation with your neighbors when you are finished.

    * Use the these definitions and real life situations and in order to complete your 30-minute-expert blogging session on the following debatable topic: Solved: Any idea or work that you create should be able to be remixed, modified, and repackaged for the purposes of another person.

Also, if you are interested, here is the podcast that my students did with their debate after this activity.




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