Bigger than pedagogy

Bigger than pedagogy

The last two posts that I have written have talked about ideas vs. Tools. I didn’t realize it until after I had written them that I had not used the word pedagogy once. I was speaking of ideas in education, concepts, schemas for how learning works now.
At some point I would like to figure out a new word, though, for what I would like to see happen in schools. Pedagogy is too small and idea is too large. Pedagogy is all about the art and science of teaching. It is about best-practices and research in the classroom. And ideas are simply the supporting structures that allow us to carry on a conversation.
What I would like is a word that describes an understanding of connected learning, a word that explains the use of a tool for all stakeholder’s learning, not just the student’s. I want a word that keeps a network in focus at all times to show that learning is not an isolated act.
Well, I will be thinking about this for a bit, but what I would love to know what your word for what you would like to see within people in education. Do you want them to know the pedagogy? Do you want them to have a schema? Do you want them to just get a clue?
I’m interested in moving this conversation along.
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  1. Leslie Maniotes

    That’s a tall order for a word…but what I’ve been thinking lately is framework… I want them to see the big picture and transform learning. What about Framework? Maybe it does both. A framework is the big idea that surrounds the practice, but can include the practice too. A framework is like a web of connection in someways. but maybe that’s too academic coming from “theoretical frame” maybe we’d have to create a new word…hmmmm I’m going to think about that some more.

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