When enough is too much…

When enough is too much…

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I want to be able to depend upon all of the spaces that I choose to learn and work in. I want to know that they are there when I need them. Would it be too much to ask that the Learning Management System for our online school work every day and not be the slowest web application that I have ever exeperienced?

When the expectation is that it will be slow… When I have to wait until 10 pm to see if I can actually get some work done… When I need to explain away all of the valid reasons to be frustrated at it… When just having it up and running is enough to be satisfied… Are those the points when it is just too much and you have to make as switch, never looking back upon what was all of your hard work and time.

Now, this is a rediculously specific example, but if I can make a more general point, I would say it is this: What is the point at which you realized that you have been sucker punched by your own decisions? When do you just suck up all of the things you have done and go in a completely different direction because the price of not doing anything is much worse than the pain of tearing yourself away from what has come before?

If something doesn’t change within the next day or so, that time is now.

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    1. Ben Wilkoff

      Thanks so much for the comment. I don’t think I am at liberty to say what VLE we are using at the moment. Perhaps next week. I know that owning your own space is better than the alternative, but I have to run whatever we choose. We went with this particular one because of its promise, but it just hasn’t panned out. I am now kicking myself for being either shortsighted or too trusting. Thanks for the link to your hard work. Please tell me that there is still hope.

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