The grand challenge.

Well, I let another year go by without challenging myself to blog more. I let reflections go until tomorrows that never came. I left words and ideas on the tip of my tongue. Well, this year is not going to be like that. This year I will not over filter my learning. This year I will not hold on to theories until they are fully realized, eliminating the conversations that could be had if I talked through each element here. This year I will blog every day. This is not an idle promise. It is not an empty gesture at the beginning of the year. It is a challenge to myself to build a consistent voice. I will not forget about the “big posts”, but I will not wait for them either. This year I will speak to my blog with and email my blog with I will not forget or regret the days gone by this year. I am also counting on you, the reader, to help me fulfill the challenge. If I neglect my challenge, feel free to tweet me, email me, poke me, or otherwise bug me into submission. Thank you in advance for your help.
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