Cross-Posting Driving Questions with Kevin Honeycutt

Cross-Posting Driving Questions with Kevin Honeycutt

Conversation Documentation
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As I promised, the audio to my conversation with Kevin Honeycutt primarily about my upcoming Educon 2.1 Presentation is now in the podcast.

I basically used this conversation as a way of fleshing out some of my thoughts on Instant and Always-on Collaboration. I really like what we talked about in terms of using Tags and Feeds differently. I think that there are many more thoughts on these ideas to come, but suffice it to say, I was thinking about them all wrong.

Kevin is quite the captive audience, seeing as how he asked me to come on his podcast. However, I would love some pushback on the ideas, so if you get a chance to listen or watch his video version, please do challenge me on some stuff.

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