Pride in resistance to change.

Pride in resistance to change.

I had a meeting today about transitioning to a google apps for your domain installation from an exchange server.
This sounds like a pretty easy sell, actually. It will save something like $13,500 a year. In the end it was, but not for that reason. It was only easy because admin didn’t have to change their workflow in any way. They would still be able to use outlook exclusively. It would only be the “back end” that would shift. This idea took me totally by surprise.
It wasn’t because I want people to completely shift the ways in which they do things just because I think it is better. It took me by surprise because it basically meant that the admin did not want to learn anything that they did not already know. That alone makes me sad. The idea that the current way of doing things is ever “the way” of doing things strikes me as defeatist. I don’t think I could handle setting an institution based on that model. Perhaps that does work for some people, but I don’t see how.
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