Guest Teaching 12.05.08

Guest Teaching 12.05.08

Cores 1-4:

  1. Discuss-on:
  2. Brainstorm ways in which you would like to “reframe” A Christmas Carol:
  3. Well, let’s talk about how we will be reframing A Christmas Carol using animation and microblogging.
  4. First, XtraNormal will allow us to completely create the scene, choose the characters and their actions, and even add background music, all without having to record a single video frame or sound file. Let’s take a look.
  5. Next, Edmodo will allow us to have some conversation around what we are creating and learning. It will allow us to all think out loud without having our thoughts become too entangled (or having it get deafeningly loud in here). It is the way that we will honor the process of creation and not just the product at the end.
  6. The conventions of microblogging are as follows:
  • Write down exactly what you are choosing to do with your project (which scene you are using, which characters, etc.)
  • Write down why you are making the choices you are making (why put Scrooge on a beach, etc)
  • Write down questions that you have about your project (why is Scrooge so angry; does he have to be in our reframed version?)
  • Reply as much as you can to others.

As for the requirements for the movie, please use the following guidelines:

  • Have no fewer than 5 dialog exchanges.
  • Do not copy and paste words from the book/play. Rethink the dialog so that it is appropriate for the scene that you have created.
  • Block out the entire scene before you click Action!
  • Don’t forget to have tell your microblogger what you are thinking.

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