Online Learning and Web 2.0: OL Teach 2008 (Secondary)

Online Learning and Web 2.0: OL Teach 2008 (Secondary)

Online learning is not about computers, the internet, or learning from home. It is not about giving kids a different educational option, or even leveraging the power of digital natives. It is my belief that the goal of online learning is to make learning ubiquitous. It is about pushing our education to include everything, from the context of the everyday to the workflow of original thought. This presentation aims to explore this notion of ubiquitous learning. Please, push back at these ideas, it is the only way they will get any better.

The Presentation:

The Collaborative Podcast:

The OL Teach Text Messages:

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The Backchannel and Moderated Discussion:

The Voicethread for Sharing Ideas:

The Links for further learning:
Preserve the learning links:

Creation as norm links:

Authenticity as expectation links:

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