The Ripe Environment for Authentic Learning: TIE 2008

The Ripe Environment for Authentic Learning: TIE 2008

The process of creating a Ripe Environment for Authentic Learning is one that must be experienced rather than explained, so it is my most sincere hope that you experience The Ripe Environment today and that you take ownership enough of it to take it with you when you leave today.

Let’s start with the basics, though: defining our terms.

6. It’s the Content, Stupid.

  • That is why we use blogs to communicate, not because they are easy, not
    because they are more collaborative, it is simply because they let the
    content speak for itself. Without content you are nothing. Without
    great ideas there is no hope for the future. It is the content that
    matters, not the format. That is why we do blogs, to pull content up
    through the rss straw, roll it around in our mouth-like readers,
    tasting each smooth milkshake post and swallow it down, totally
    satisfying our desire to fill our bellies with content.

7. The Marks of Collaboration

8. Independent and Interdependent Questioners

9. Change Cannot be Institutionalized

10. The Most Powerful Learning

  • The typewriter vs. the fully connected blog post.


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