Cores 1+4:

  1. Write-on:
  2. Comparison of Jones and Napoleon’s leadership.
    • How is Animal Farm in some ways worse than it was before?
  3. What is the definition of success in a battle?
  4. Read Chapter 8 of Animal Farm
    • Why are the pigs new rules so far reaching?
    • Why are they not satisfied with equality?
    • Did the animal truly succeed in the second battle? What did they win?
  5. Extensions:
    • Finish your final draft of your Utopia for Sunday night.

Core 2:

  1. Write-on:
  2. Rev-it-up
  3. Read Chapter 9 of Animal Farm
    • What does the new generation of pigs mean for the farm?
    • Do you think that anyone will get to retire?
    • How does Boxer’s health lead to the final straw of inequality?
  4. Discuss the script, bringing in supplies, etc.
  5. Extensions:
    • Be finished with 5 sections of your Utopia for Friday.

Core 3:

  1. Write-on:
  2. Read the Striped Pig of DedHam
    • How do the specific words (especially the unfamiliar words) affect the tone of the story?
    • What are the specific metaphors/symbols described in the story?
  3. Why did the temperance movement take root in the 19th Century?
  4. Extensions: Finish 4 Sections and 4 Multi-media elements of your -Ism for Friday.

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