Cores 1+4:

  1. Act+Write-on:
  2. Is rivalry and heated debate a good thing for a society?
  3. Read Chapter 5 of Animal farm:
    • What does the windmill represent?
    • What small details were planted early in the story are now paying off/back.
    • What would you have to do in order for the dogs to behave like they do in the end of Chapter 5.
  4. Extensions:
    • Finish 2 Sections of your Utopia for Friday (for a total of 5)

Core 2:

  1. Write-on:
  2. Rev-it-Up
  3. Read Animal Farm Chapter 7.
    • Why does everyone see/hear/smell Snowball?
    • Why is it necessary to change everyone’s viewpoint of snowball by altering the past?
    • Why do the dogs go after Boxer?
    • Why is beasts of England really banned?
    • Do the punishments at the end of Chapter 7 fit the crimes?
  4. Extensions:
    • Finish one full section of your Utopia for Friday.

Core 3:

  1. Write-on:
  2. Exemplars of Answers:
  3. Continue Reading “Huck Finn Better Get Out of Town…”
    • Where does the author’s argument take us?
    • Why does the author believe that his viewpoint is right?
    • What does the author believe is the role of libraries and school boards?
  4. Extensions:
    • Finish 1 additional section and one visual aide for Friday.

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