Cores 1+4:

  1. Write-on: How are our/all utopias symbolic?
  2. Leaving yourself areas to extend on the wiki:
  3. Introduction to animal farm:
    • What would a farm of animals represent?
    • What is an allegory?
    • How does the Russian Revolution and Communism fit into a utopian/dystopian novel.
  4. Extensions:
    • Craft at least one section (complete with enhancements) by the end of tomorrow.

Core 2:

  1. Write-on:
  2. Rev-it-up:
    • Read about junk.
    • Draw Junk.
    • Write about junk.
  3. Continue Animal Far, Chapter IV
    • Like Aric said, how are the Pigs becoming more human?
  4. Extensions:
    • Put your Commandments on your Utopia.

Core 3:

  1. What is the mood that is created with the following passage?
    • “[The smoke] rolls sullenly in slow folds from the great chimneys of the iron-foundries, and settles down in black, slimy pools on the dingy boats, on the yellow river,—clinging in a coating of greasy soot to the house-front, the two faded poplars, the faces of the passers-by.”
  2. What are the Belief statements that you have created?
    • What kinds of stories/anecdotes/examples are the best to back them up?
  3. Read exerpts from “Life in the Iron Mills or The Korl Woman” and answer the questions on the handout.
  4. Extensions:
    • Finish the story and the questions for Monday.

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