Cores 1+4:

  1. Write-on: What is the most important aspect of the Utopia within your head that you would like to bring out into the real world? Why?
  2. Take a look at the original concept of utopia from Thomas More.
    • What does his vision of Utopia say about his time period?
  3. Extensions:
    • Think about and be prepared to answer tomorrow: Do you think that it is possible to get your message of Utopia out without preaching it?

Core 2:

  1. Review-it-Up/On
  2. Brainstorm ideas about utopias and write down ALL responses:
    • What words come to mind when you think about utopia (perfection)?
    • What changes may have taken place as humans redefine the term utopia (perfection)?
    • What things or places might be considered utopian (perfect)?
  3. Categorize the things or places that were written down.
    • How could you categorize these ideas into groups?
    • What could you call each group? Why?
    • What are some similarities of utopias?
  4. Brainstorm a list of things that man throughout the ages would consider utopian?
    • What can you say about these things?
    • What do you call each of these groups? Why?
    • Are the following characteristics of utopias: paradise, heaven, new worlds, perfection of some sort? Why or why not?
  5. Make generalizations about utopias and human’s changing ideas regarding them.
    • What can you say about utopias that is usally true? How are our examples alike?
  • Humans have been searching for or trying to create a utopian world in some way since time began.
  • Humans corrupt their utopia after finding it or creating it.
  • Each human strives to create his/her own personal and societal utopia.
  • Dreams memories, nature, emotions, and time help shape our ideas regarding utopia.
  • Individuality can be lost in our quest for utopia.

Extension: Finish your SAP for tomorrow (for Extra Credit) or Friday (to be on time). All SAP work turned in after Friday will be considered late.Core 3:

  1. Write-on (a companion to your extension from Friday about Democrats and Republicans): Why is it important to take a look at the belief structure of a political party?
  2. How is it easier to see the similarities and differences when you have analyzed a belief structure rather than a term (Democrat or Republican)?
  3. What does this poem mean?
    • You have only eightEight to break the code:Something does;Specialize them bothWith modifier single, phrase, or clause;Add some more of the same if you like,But then you’ve shot your bolt(Except for the lightening boltTo scream with; you’ll need that.) With these weak toolsWe try to probe the universe.These are the chains that bind and leadTo what and where our fate allows.They bless and blastSmile and frownSing and soar, divide and drown.Are they God’s keysOr Satan’s gown?Community of eightLead us to the gateMake us speak in tonguesFill our spirit lungsTruthful beauty beHelp your servants see.(B Bauld)
  4. Extension: How is this poem an example of image grammar?

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