Core 1:

  1. Write-on: How does a debate influence the fate of a nation?
  2. Watch presidential debates from the past forty years.
    • What has changed and what hasn’t?
    • Why debates?
    • Is persuasion the same in every debate?
    • What can we learn from the candidates in order to become more persuasive in our argumentation.
  3. Extensions: Reflect on debate or prepare for debate.

Core 2:

  1. What is the one object that you think would represent your social action plan, your cause? Why?
  2. View trailer for Paper Clips and read backstory.
    • How is their social action plan different from yours?
    • What can we learn from what they have done?
    • What did this story/SAP do to the culture of the school?
  3. Extensions:
    • Continue collecting data and determining your actions.

Core 3:

  1. Write-on: Is it possible to save yourself, or does someone have to save you? Why?
  2. Explore Chapter 3:
    • What is Vladek’s most desperate point?
    • How does Art seem to deal with the weight of his past?
    • How much artistic license is Art allowed to take with the holocaust?
    • What do you think is missing from Art’s depiction of the camps and the rail cars?
  3. Extension:
    • Finish the book for tomorrow.

Core 4:

  1. Prepare-on:
    • Arrange desks
    • Talk about uStream
    • Do any last minute preparation
  2. Host the debate, stream the Debate, flow the debate.
  3. Judge’s Decision
  4. Extensions: Reflect on debate or prepare for debate.

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