Core 1:

  1. Separate and Discuss-on: Split into your 4 categories of what you believe is the most important factor for determining success in life and discuss your answers to the question.
  2. In your groups, fill out your first attempt at the Issue Analysis Form to determine just how well grounded your opinions are.
  3. What else would you need in order to debate these topics?
  4. Switching gears: How have the 30-minute-expert blogging sessions enabled you to understand new topics for debate? What more would you need in order to crystallize your opinions about censorship and copyright?
  5. Extensions: Read your Multi-cultural novel.

Core 2:

  1. Quiz-on: Why couldn’t Cassie understand Big Ma’s actions in Strawberry after Mr. Simms pushed her into the road? (Hint: Cassie’s mother had to explain them to her.)
  2. Where is the line in the sand that no just person should cross?
  3. Read Chapter 7:
    • What is a racial ally?
    • How can you be a strong racial ally to others?
    • How are the characters strong racial allies for one another?
  4. Extension: Finish Chapter 7 for Friday.

Core 3:

  1. Design-on: How would you need to set up the room in order for it to look like a court room? What objects would you need in the room for it to be more official?
  2. Put one design into action.
  3. Read through the trial as if a court case were actually being carried out.
    • How is this case a farce? (What is it making fun of?)
    • Is the court fair to Shylock?
    • How do the words that the “lawyers” use trick Shylock or the rest of the court?
  4. Extensions:
    • Write out how you believe the trial would change in a more modern setting.

Core 4:

  1. Reflect-on: How did using the picture book enhance your understanding of the pied piper and of the questions that went with it?
  2. Share a few of your responses from the blogs.
  3. Which of these questions are debatable?
    • How do you frame a question so that it is more debatable.
  4. How is this more debatable: “Solved: The mayor should have paid the Piper.”
  5. Extension:
    • Write out how you believe a debate should be organized and run.

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