Core 1:

  1. Draw-on: Draw a diagram of how you believe a debate should be run that will go along with what you wrote last night.
  2. Share out your diagrams on the document camera.
  3. Test the most popular form out with “Solved: They mayor should have paid the Piper.”
  4. What can we do differently/better next time?
  5. Extensions:
    • Write out what kind of debate you believe are worth having.

Core 2:

  1. Debate-on: “Solved: Paul Dawson should be fired.”
  2. Making the N-word History.
  3. What is the Heirarchy of names
    • In our school?
    • In our book (Roll of Thunder)?
  4. Extension:
    1. Finish Chapter 6 for tomorrow.

Core 3:

  1.  Write-on: What is marriage?
  2. Read through Act III, Scene II
    • Answer the following question in metaphor/simile:
      • How does your vision of love and marriage differ from Portia and Bassanio’s? (What is your vision of love like and what is their vision of love like?)
  3. Extension: Finish Act III for Friday.

Core 4:

  1. Perform-on: Perform your Continental Congress pieces for the class (in your best founding father voice).
    • Does this revision seem important/valuable?
  2. What makes a conclusion a good one?
  3. Read what the Pen Commandments has to say about conclusions as leading guests to the door.
  4. Extensions:
    • Be ready to finish your first draft of your essay tomorrow.

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