Core 1:

  1. Debrief-on? How many new words can we expect in our lexicon based upon your work with the Combined Word Dictionary.
  2. Record a few definitions for classroom podcast.
  3. Turn-in Essay, and self-assess according to Kid-Friendly Rubric.
  4. Read Pied Piper of Hamelin:
    • How can music create changes in the ways people feel and act? Are these changes always positive? What are some examples of ways in which music may have affected events in history?
    • What assumptions did the Mayor make about the Piper?
    • What was the Piper’s point of view about how he was treated? Were his actions justified? Why or why not?
    • What is the lesson of the poem?
    • Why do you think the Piper chose music to charm the rats and the children?
    • What did the Piper mean by the words, “And folks who put me in a passion/ May find me pipe after another fashion”?
    • Why was no one able to stop the children?
    • How did the Piper persuade the Mayor to allow him to get rid of the rats? What evidence did the Piper use to support his argument?
  5. Extensions:
    • Answer the following question in a paragraph: Should the mayor have paid the Piper? Why or Why not?

Core 2:

  1. Practice-on: Practice your interview with your partner.
  2. Record interviews using iMovie and CamTwist
  3. Finish reading Chapter 4:
    • How does someone detach themselves enough from humanity to laugh about burning someone else?
  4. Extension:
    • If you forgot to share your Academy Authentic with me, do so.

Core 3:

  1. Group-on: Get into your “Best” groups and be ready to vote on your categories.
  2. Vote on Categories 1-5.
  3. What new categories should we add for next year’s students?
    • How are these better than the current categories?
  4. Extension
    • Read your AR books.

Core 4:

  1. What is revision in persuasion?
    • Why did the founding fathers make the changes that they did?
    • How has their persuasion benefited society?
    • How do you give that kind of importance to your own writing about a book.
  2. Choose two revisions made in the Declaration of Independence and write out your theory on why these particular revisions were made from the viewpoint of one of the founding fathers.
    • Speak as if in the continental congress and try to convince the assembly to revise the document before sending it out into the world.
  3. Extension:
    • Continue working on your body paragraphs for your persuasive essay.

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