The Academy Authentic Process

The Academy Authentic Process

Revision and feedback are the most essential elements of the Academy Authentic. If you have not revised your piece and you have not already received feedback for it, then it is incomplete.

When I say revision, I am not simply talking about going through your piece and finding all of the punctuation and spelling mistakes and finishing them. Instead, I am talking about going through your piece and making sure that your intention as a writing matches exactly with the impression that your reader has. This means that you must be okay with deleting entire passages if they don’t mean what you want them to. It also means rewriting and reworking your writing until it is something that you are proud to turn in.

Now, you may not always be able to recognize parts of your writing that need to be changed or revised, but that is what the other students in the class are for. It is your responsibility on an Academy Authentic to give feedback to those who have asked for it, and here is the following way that they will do it.

  1. Copy over your Academy Authentic to your Academy of Discovery Documents at (Or, if you have already set up your docs account to post directly to your blog, you already have your Academy Authentic there.)
  2. Solicit feedback from at least four people by sharing your document with them.
  3. Receive comments (insert comments directly into the document by going to insert and then comment) for necessary revision changes.
  4. Address each comment either by revising your piece or by writing back to the other student within the comment box.
  5. Compare your piece to the rubric and do a self-assessment at the bottom of your piece. 
  6. Share your finished piece with Mr. Wilkoff.

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