Core 1:

  1. Write-on: How can the specific words that we use affect how persuasive we are in our writing or speaking?
  2. Continue working on “Tom Sawyer Whitewashing the Fence.”
    1. Does Tom make fallacious arguments or real ones?
    2. How does he convince others to do his work for him?
  3. Extensions:
    • Plan out how you plan to convince your parents/brother/sister to do something that you don’t want to do without the use of fallacious arguments. Write out how you have accomplished your goal in your blog.

Core 2:

  1. Write-on: Create three short sentences about something sitting on your desk or in your pockets.
  2. Read The Pen Commandments and take a look at the Pacemaker Syndrome, Conjunctionitis, and the Case Studies.
  3. Extensions:
    • For next Friday, brainstorm what your case study would be about.

Core 3:

  1. Finish presenting the 1940’s Smart Notebook Files.
  2. Listen to and watch the speeches by FDR and fill out the Speech Analysis Form.
    1. Address at Hyde Park, New York.
    2. Statement on Signing the Social Security Act.
  3. Compare and contrast FDR’s speech after the Pearl Harbor attacks with George W. Bush’s Speech after the 9/11 attacks.
  4. Discuss the speeches in terms of change, tradition, and sacrificing individual needs for the needs of many.
  5. Extensions:
    • Finish the Speech Analysis Form.

[flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=124656&doc=30-minute-expert6252]

[flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=124657&doc=30-minute-expert123261]

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[flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=124647&doc=30-minute-expert171556]

[flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=124648&doc=30-minute-expert82250]

[flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=124645&doc=30-minute-expert24786]

[flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=124646&doc=30-minute-expert31044]

[flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=124644&doc=30-minute-expert12201]

[flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=124643&doc=30-minute-expert43988]

[flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=124641&doc=30-minute-expert113384]

[flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=124642&doc=30-minute-expert142042]

Core 4:

  1. Write-on: What kind of arguments/persuasion are false? (Sometimes persuasive but always fallacious, deceitful, or just plain wrong)
  2. Finish presenting the Metaphorical Persuasion pieces.
  3. Which are the most recognizable/often used of the Fallacious Arguments.
  4. Find an example of one of the above Fallacious Arguments in modern political discourse.
  5. Extensions:
    • Think of the one thing that you would like to persuade your parents to do for you (or give to you).


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