Core 1:

  1. Write-on: What was the worst writing prompt that you have ever encountered? Why?
  2. Collect and mildly discuss top-5 and book meme handouts.
    • [flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=98444&doc=top-5-question2830]
  3. Brainstorm the differences between an authentic topic and an inauthentic prompt?
    • What were you able to accomplish with the authentic piece that you couldn’t do with the inauthentic piece?
    • What are the most authentic prompts that you can think of?
  4. Extensions:
    • Write down ten Authentic topics that you would like to explore this year (or that other people would want to explore)?

Class Notes:

  • [flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=100805&doc=bad-prompts4549]
  • [flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=100806&doc=authentic-topics4876]

Core 2:

  1. Write-On: How could you kill a sentence?
    • Brainstorm on Smartboard after write-on.
  2. Read “Thou Shall Not Kill Thy Sentences.”
    • Take notes on the Anatomy of a Sentence.
    • Talk about Grammar as a way of thinking.
  3. Extensions:
    • Bring in an example of a great opening line to a book.

Core 3:

  1. Discuss-On:
  2. Introduce the Nerd Herd Big Word Book.
    • Format and Activities.
  3. Try an activity in your writer’s notebook.
  4. Extensions:

Core 4:

  1. Finish MAP testing in the Library.
  2. Discuss and turn in Top-5 and Book Meme page.
    • Have have these things affected your identity?
  3. Extensions:
    • Make sure you have tested your theme to make sure it works.


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