Cores 1+2:

  1. Map Reading Test in Room 107. Please bring your AR book.
  2. Extensions:
    • Read your AR book.

Core 3:

  1. Write-on: What’s in a username?
  2. Answer any questions that the sub left unattended.
  3. Self-assess your Identity Document and turn it in.
  4. Write down on your notecard the following:
    • Your name
    • Your desired username
    • One thing you hope to do with blogging this year that you didn’t do last year.
  5. Collaborate on The Discovery Online Code.
  6. Extensions:
    • Look up the word sequipedalian and explain why the concept that this word suggests is important/valuable to this class.
    • Read your AR book.

Core 4:

  1. Group Write-on: What do you think that your Top-5 questionnaire says about you as a person?
    • [flash http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=98444&doc=top-5-question2830]
  2. Collaborate/collect our Top-5’s using Google Documents.
    • Academyofdiscovery account.
  3. Revise/Refine the Discovery Online Code using Google Documents.
  4. Reflect on what you think Google Documents and other collaborative document tools could help you to do better or more efficiently at school or at home.
  5. If time permits: turn in your Book Memes for archival purposes.
  6. Extensions:
    • Read your AR book.
    • Make any additional revisions you would like on either the Top-5 list or the Discovery Online Code.

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