The few thoughts of a halfway-mobile blogger.

The few thoughts of a halfway-mobile blogger.

So, I just got a new palm treo because I’m not quite ready to jump into the iPhone just yet (waiting for 2.0). I have been typing up ideas every once in a while on it and then revise them on the computer after transferring them via bluetooth. I’d like to share a few of them that I typed up right before I presented The Academy of Discovery to our School Board:

I believe that everything we do should be in the purpose of creation. We need to create the environment, create the products, create the expectations and create  the hope of a generation.

But, what is that hope? What can you possibly expect out of yourself to ensure that you are are a part of it?

I know that these are just words. I know that we actually have to do it. There is no way to get around the work that comes from creating.

So, when is it appropriate to look back? when is appropriate to take stock?

Every creation is worthy of reflection.

Just a few thoughts to get you thinking, I guess.

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