Ypulse: Now and Now

Ypulse: Now and Now

I am now at the Ypulse Mashup 2007. It is all about Teens and Tweens and how they react to marketing, media, and education. The reason why I am here is put better on this post, but I think that there are a lot of ideas that can apply to education through marketing. The next few posts over the next couple of days will be used to discuss all of the ideas floating around at this mashup.

“It isn’t about pushing ideas down their throats, but rather letting them pull what they find useful.” -Music and Social Media

How can we let students pull content rather than pushing content upon them? How can we create an environment where there is so much content that students have to heavily explore and interact with the concepts in order to create meaning.

They must be able to access information at all times.

But, we shouldn’t be too eager to let them pull the answers out of the white noise of content. We should be helping them to craft the questions. There is no way that students will pull the right music, text, movies, concepts, skills, etc. unless they have crafted the right questions. We need to help them pull what will produce the most change, the most creation, the most higher order thinking skills.

We need students to pull, but we need them to pull well.

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