Core 1:

  1. Watch Animal Farm and look for how the animals’ acceptance of napoleon’s leadership changes from novel to movie.
  2. Discuss your Utopia with Mr. Wilkoff.

Core 2:

  1. Continue discussion of how advertising stereotypes influence your beliefs.
  2. Watch The Persuaders and discuss just how much like advertising a movement can truly be.
  3. Discuss -Ism with Mr. Wilkoff

Core 3:

  1. Watch The Outsiders and find how your meaning changes when put into a more visual form.
    1. How do the skipped parts add to or take away from the meaning of the movie.
  2. Discuss your Meaning with Mr. Wilkoff

Core 4:

  1. Watch “Animal Farm” and discuss how your utopia will or will not become corrupt like theirs.
  2. Discuss your Utopia with Mr. Wilkoff

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