Core 1:

  1. Review the revised Discovery Online Code.
  2. Write-On: How would you know if you were being controlled?
  3. Read the next chapter in Animal Farm looking for controlling situations.
  4. Work on Utopias.

Core 2:

  1.  Review the revised Discovery Online Code.
  2. Explore the Promethean Movement and write down the answers to the following questions on a sheet of paper:
    • What is the Promethean Movement?
    • How does it try to grow and convince people?
    • What is the Promethean Movement doing that you can do with your -Ism?
  3. Work on you -Ism wikis with a specific purpose.

Core 3:

  1. Split into A and B.
    • Group A will be either reading to 104 or working on the Family Affects.
    • Group B will be creating their Meaning Statements and helping the new people to set up accounts.
  2. Podcast Discussion Question:
    • Does Ponyboy and Johnny’s one act of heroism cancel out the murder?

Core 4:

  1.   Review the revised Discovery Online Code.
  2. Write-On: Who are the heroes of your utopia? (Have you provided an opportunity for people to stand out as humans, not as successful businessmen, writers, or political leaders?)
  3. Work on your Utopia for a specific purpose.

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