The maddening search for resources.

The maddening search for resources.

Resources are scarce. People are scrounging around, negotiating uneasy solutions, forgoing all tact. The truth is: people are desperate. They want what other people have.

The computers. It always comes down to the computers.

“When can I schedule my class in the lab? What times exactly do you need the laptops? Can I just use a few of the computers in the library for a research project?”

These are the questions I hear all of the time from the hungry hoards, myself included. You see, there is significant disconnect between what the people need, and what is available. This situation is creating a power differential, a hierarchy of computing power. How can we possibly survive in such dire straits as these? With teacher pitting themselves against teacher, signing up for more than they need just so they are guaranteed some.

“You want a projector? Well, I’m afraid you are going to have to do a little dance for me to get it? Mhuahahaha…”

 Who sees this tragedy of unrealized potential? Who notices the loss of interactivity? Who understands the lack of new knowledge being created in the minds of young ones? All for want of a few laptop carts.

We can end this horrific state. We can come together and guarantee a laptop for every child, but only if we recognize the problem. Only if we take the time to care.

Please go to the following links and see what you can do for 1:1 learning. It is the only chance we have to end this unfortunate situation.

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