Month: <span>December 2006</span>


Cores 1-4: Read my Weekly Authentic and discuss Critical Mass. Write your Weekly Authentic, Nominate for an Authenticity Award, and Celebrity Comment.


Cores 1-4: Spelling Bee information and initial entrance test. Core 1: Chapter 4 Comprehension Question: What is the real reason that Mrs. Logan didn’t want her kids to go to the Wallace store? How do you find out about a character that is silent, or nearly silent? What forms of …


Cores 1-4: Look at and discuss first guest blogs. ¬†Congratulate the Authenticity Award Recipients for the past two weeks. Core 1: Write-On: When is revenge the sweetest? Discuss Chapter 3: ¬†Explain the trail of headlights that haunts Cassie at the end of the chapter. Chapter 4 in partners. Core 2: …