Core 1:

  1. There is no comprehension question today. We will be discussing the conflicts in the story after tonight’s reading.
  2. You have three options today:
    • Blog wars
    • School 2.0
    • Reading chapter 10 and 11 and write down the conflicts that you are seeing “coming to a head.”

Core 2:

  1. What is School 2.0?
  2. Comment, Nominate, Write.

Core 3:

  1. Think-On: Some of the most ridiculous ideas lead to the best results:
  2. I hope that this has made you think about all of the different things in school that you would like to find solutions for. What I would encourage you to do, is use your practice in giving funny solutions to problems, and turn this on what you do every day: school.
  3. What is School 2.0? What does should it look like?
  4. Comment, Nominate, Write.

Core 4:

  1. Take a look at my essay.
    • What do you notice?
    • What is my thesis?

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