Core 1:

  1. Chapter 6 comprehension question: How did Uncle Hammer react when Cassie told him about the “incident” with Lillian Jean in Strawberry?
  2. Discuss-On: What is the difference between respect and fear? (pg. 109)
  3. Read chapter 7 and discuss:
    • How change affects all parts of the racial hierarchy.

Core 2:

  1. Discuss-On: What was Art trying to get across with his depiction of the falling pictures and joined frames on page 115 and 116.
  2. Read the last chapter:
    • How do you put your life back together after such tragedy?
    • What are the lasting effects of war/genocide?
    • Is it a happy ending?
    • What is the significance of the last line?

Core 3:

  1. Analyze the threaded discussion for a pattern.
    • Question
    • Initial Answer
    • Question about Initial Answer
    • Example from text addressing Questions or Answers.
  2. See if you can reconstruct that pattern in your head and on paper when you read something new. (The Chase by Annie Dillard)

Core 4:

  1. Discuss-On: How do the characters in your book attempt to change an established hierarchy?
  2. Model tracing through a book for words, ideas, themes
    • Struggle
    • Hope
    • A Search for Truth
    • Acceptance
    • Growing Up
    • Hate
  3. Trace through your book for so that you will be answering in tomorrow’s online discussion session:
    • What is the one thing that this book made you think about that you had never thought about before? Why is this an important thing to think about?
    • What is the author trying to prove to you in writing the book?
    • What are the important issues which affect the cultural group represented in this book? In what ways are these issues common to all groups? In what ways are they specific to the single group?
    • How is the central issue/problem of the main character developed and resolved?
    • What qualities of the main character do you most admire? Why?
    • How does this book help you understand and appreciate cultural differences?
    • Which character/poem reflects your cultural outlook/view of the world? Why do believe that both you and this character are right? (or, if you can’t find any characters/poems that reflect your thoughts, find one that is the absolute opposite of your cultural outlook and discuss why you think this character is wrong).

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