Core 1:

  1. Making the N-word History.
  2. What is Cresthill’s hierarchy of names?
  3. Read Chapter 3 and discuss the dignity of getting even.

Core 2:

  1. Look at Maus analysis on PotatoPotatoPugPug’s Blog.
  2. What else do these elements (flies, dead bodies, getting smaller, mouse masks, etc.) represent. Draw a flow chart of the representation.
  3. Read through “Time Flies.”
    • How do relationships change when your biggest worry is survival?

Core 3:

  1. Discuss-On: How do you know which questions are important enough to ask when you are reading?
  2. Continue asking questions and answering them within “After I was thrown into the river, and before I drowned.”

Core 4:

  1.  Should Paul Dawson be fired?
  2. Making the N-word History.
  3. What is Cresthill’s hierarchy of names?

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