I am finally back for good. Thank you for still engaging in class even though I wasn’t here to enjoy all of the fruits of your labor. Don’t think that I forgot about any of you, though. Along with taking care of my wife and my daughter, I was still brainstorming quite a few things for us to do in the coming weeks, one of which you will see today. Although I only received good reports from the subs, I did want to remind you that my expectations are probably different than any sub’s could be. Interruptions or distractions from what we are doing in class are unacceptable. Let’s get back to what makes our language arts classes so great: focused discussion, insightful ideas, and collaboration with others.

Cores 1-4:

  1. Debrief last week: What did you learn? What didn’t you get? What do you want to expand upon?
  2. Introduce concept of Guest Blogging.
  3. Brainstorm people to ask to be in the panel of “Adults.”
  4. Brainstorm questions to ask panel of “Adults.”

(If we have time, The Authenticity Awards for last week are here.)

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