Cores 1-4:

As many of you know, my wife gave birth to our daughter yesterday. This bundle of joy and miracles is named Isabelle Roux Wilkoff. I have written all about her in my most recent Weekly Authentic. I would like to challenge each of you to discuss and respond to my prose poem/story. You will be analyzing my words just as you would analyze any other text, but at the end of this analysis you must answer one of three big questions.

Discussion questions (read the story and discuss with at least one other person):

  1. What is the significance/meaning of the title?
  2. Why does Mr. Wilkoff believe that adjectives are inadequate?
  3. What does the button symbolize?
  4. What is the significance/meaning of the the precipice (cliff) metaphor?

3 big questions to respond to in at least one paragraph of your own writing:

  1. What is one thing that you have felt that you believe no one else could possibly experience?
  2. What will the future be like for your children? (Or, what will the future be like for Isabelle? In terms of technology, society, change, etc.)
  3. Who is the one person that you owe a personal belief to? What is that personal belief and why do hold on to it so strongly?

After you have completed this piece of writing, share it with a few others or the whole class (when prompted to by your substitute).

Please read your AR books once this activity is complete. I am sorry that I am not there to discuss this fantastic journey with you, but I hope you understand.

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