Cores 1-4:

  1. In partners, develop a rubric for assessing Weekly Authentics by asking yourself the following questions and answering them through brainstorming and note-taking (We will discuss many of them together, so you need to have a ready answer for when we bring it to the whole class):
    • What makes a blog post a good one?
      • In what ways/categories can a blog post be good?
      • Are some ways/categories more important than others?
    • In what ways should blog posts be assessed differently than paper and pen/pencil in-class writing?
      • How can we measure the “goodness” of a blog post?
      • Can you really measure authenticity?
    • How can we account for different types of blog posts?
      • Should we assess poems, stories, fiction, and non-fiction differently?
    • What does a 5 post look like and what does a 1 post look like?
      • Describe them.
  2. Assess my Weekly Authentics to test out our new “rubric.”
  3. Talk about the Authenticity Awards for this week.
  4. Talk about Thursday and Friday.

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