1. Write-Ons:
    • Why do you think that people act differently online then they do in real life?
    • How can we create a safe environment for everyone on our blogs?
    • What are the inherent risks of posting to a blog once a week?
  2. Explore the Discovery Blogging Rules websites looking for the following:
    • Creating a blogging environment without fear (of insult, of reprisal, of dishonesty).
    • Creating a scholastic blogging environment.
    • Creating a blogging environment based upon protection (of personal information, of identity, of unique thoughts).
    • Creating a creative, non-restrictive, tolerant, and sensitive blogging environment.
  3. Write down aprox. 5 Blogging rules in your category that you think should be a part of the Discovery Blogging Rules.

Cores 1-4:

  1. Ask for “Good Parts” from 5 students.
  2. Show the first fruits of The Weekly Authentic.
  3. Work on your own Weekly Authentic (adding pictures too) or work on book/web review.

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