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#WHOISaps: What is “the how” of creating equity?

Kevin Riebau, Program Director for Educational Technology, discusses creating engaging and relevant classrooms and then dives deeply into the next steps for us in creating equity across Aurora Public Schools. Specifically, he reveals that we have established “the why” and “the what” of equity, but we have still not worked …

#WHOISaps: What should the role of teachers in the classroom be?

Jessica Cuthbertson, Teacher Leadership TOSA for Aurora Public Schools, discusses how facilitation and reflection play key roles for teachers. She also digs into the ways in which we can actualize equity through our shared work in schools. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

#WHOISaps: How do we create a culture of authentic learning?

John McKinley, a vidographer and educational storyteller in Aurora Public Schools discusses how we can make schools more engaging and relevant for kids. He digs into the need for authenticity and solving of real world problems. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

#WHOISaps: How do we not let our knowledge of schools get in the way of what kids need?

Bev Clemens, Program Director for Professional Learning in Aurora Public Schools dives into her thinking for the role of teachers in the classroom, the types of support that we can provide to teachers, and the ways in which new models of learning can be created to better serve the needs …

#WHOISaps: Which resources do you need in order to learn?

Amanda McLean, Badge Partner for Aurora Public Schools, digs into the question of which resources teachers and leaders need in order to innovate in the classroom. She also asks a few questions of her own, including “How do we share resources in order to most effectively implement badging in the …

#WHOISaps: What does Blended and Personalized Learning Mean to You?

Suzanne Rougier, Program Director of ECE in Aurora Public Schools, discusses her ideas for Blended and Personalized learning and how both will continue to engage and connect learners across the district. If you want to find out more about the #WHOISaps project, here is the best link: http://learning is …

#WHOISaps: How should we design learning experiences that are engaging and relevant?

Nick Steinmetz, an EdTech Coordinator for Aurora Public Schools, tackles the ways in which we design learning experiences in this #WHOISaps interview. He also dives into just how relevant our schools, teachers, and content can be for our learners. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

#WHOISaps: What does 21st Century Learning Look Like?

This is an abbreviated version of John Damhof’s #WHOISaps interview. In it, he discusses his thoughts for how we can best support students for what is to come in college and career. He also dives into the ways in which teachers can lead the way. Play in new window …