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Making the case for going Offline:

These are the two statements that resonate most with me:

“Most of my best ideas do not happen while staring at a screen, small or large, but from doing the opposite: experiencing life around me.”

I find that the big ideas, the ones that really change things happen away from the screen (usually in the shower, actually). But, it is at the screen that I am able to connect disparate pieces and build the thing that needs to be. I understand when people say that they need to get the idea out in a slide deck. If they are doing it right, they just mean that they need to see it to fully understand its implications. I can no longer flesh out an on paper. I can start it there, but the real work is when I come back to a connected place. I agree with you wholeheartedly that it is the time away that lets me value the connections best, but the connections never really leave me. I am considering them always.

“Boredom is there to act as the space between your ears where you can idly just think and reflect.”

I love the ways in which we interpret and use boredom now, if we can just sit with it long enough for it to become useful. But, the phone is so everpresent that it makes boredom into an enemy. If boredom is an enemy, then activity is a virtue. And activity can be anything, from checking notifications to aimlessly wandering through the web. This kind of activity is why it has become so hard to actually recognize true growth.

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