What would you do as a Director of Blended Learning?

My learning network is invisible. At least it is to everyone but me. I see the connections I have made and know the level of depth our conversations represent. I have seen changes in learning spaces and whole systems shift because of the power of this invisible network. I am proud to be surrounded by people that support me and sustain my growth. I am proud that you are one of those people.

But, I would like to do something in the next week to show just how powerful this network can be. For a few short days, I would like to make the connections visible to everyone, and show just how much expertise and value you all provide.

You see, I have an opportunity to become the Director of Blended Learning for Denver Public Schools, and while I am excited about this chance on a personal level, I am much more excited because I get to take you and your supporting connection with me.

I believe that the best way for me to demonstrate my expertise is to show DPS the power of a networked teacher and learner. So, I had an idea of how to make that happen.

I made a video explaining it, and I would love for you to watch it and take action if you are so inclined:

(If you don’t have time for the 4 minute video, here is the gist: Answer in a comment or video response: “What would you do as a Director of Blended Learning?” Because, in essence, by taking you along in my network, that is the question you will be helping me to answer every day.)

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